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Dream big! This is our specialty, and the sky’s the limit.

photo retouching


Drop in a new background, or choose elements from multiple images and they will be combined into one amazing photo.

photo compositing

Color Correction:

This is our secret weapon. Wipe away those wonky color-shifts, and squeegee your image for crisp, clean colors.

photo color correction

Clipping Path or Alpha Channel:

Placing your images in a layout or on different backgrounds? Adding a clipping path or an alpha channel makes it a snap.

photo clipping path or alpha channel

Drop Background:

A transparent or white background will provide a clean, crisp look, and make your product the center of attention.

photo drop background

Add Reflection-Shadow or Add Drop-Shadow:

Add shadows of same size, spread, and opacity for a more congruent showcasing.

photo drop shadow

Unique Treatments:

Your images in a variety of unique looks. Feel free to submit examples of image effects you like, and we will replicate them.

photo unique treatments

Canvas Extension:

Need more room around the subject? We use existing image information to build space for you to roam.

photo canvas extension

Action Sequence:

Click, click, click, click! We’ll turn the action into a seamless sequence.

photo Action Sequence

Prep for Press or Digital Media:

Images will be prepped, optimized, sized, and meet color-space requirements for all your printing and web-based needs.

  • Print-press publication (CMYK printing)
  • Digital media (web, iPad, social media)

photo Prep for Print Press (CMYK) or digital media
photo Prep for Print Press (CMYK) or digital media


Your product…in any color.

photo Colorways

Photo Restoration:

Turn back the clock on your old or damaged photos.

photo restoration service

Object Addition or Object Removal:

Add this. Get rid of that.

add or remove objects from a photo