What people have been saying…

“There aren’t many ‘no-brainer’ decisions in my job, but working with The Retouchery is one of them. They have established themselves as the premier resource for retouching and color correction in both print and digital publishing. We have clients who absolutely insist that The Retouchery process their images before any ad buy.”

– Rob Campbell
Editor-in-Chief, Grind Media

“The Retouchery’s quality work and vast knowledge of the craft have consistently gone far beyond expectations. Great customer service and very easy to work with, The Retouchery provides an excellent resource for all imaging needs.”

– Marc Hostetter
Creative Director, TEN Action|Outdoor

“I sent hundreds of photos to Celeste for both our print and web publications. As an Imaging Specialist Celeste did a fantastic job on every image we turned in. Her turnaround always met our strict deadlines and she was a favorite of both our fastidious photographers and our demanding editorial team. I highly recommend Celeste for any image specializing needs. She is awesome!”

– Desiree Hensley
Photo Associate , Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

“I can honestly say that in 20+ years in the business that this is some of the best work I have ever seen.”

– Jay Henry
Creative Director, Ultra Design Agency

“I’ve worked with retouchers for over a decade and its really hard to find a retoucher whose level of consistency and vision stays at such a high and impressive level. From color work to retouching skin and environment Celeste (Retouchery staff) is a rare breed who constantly provides incredibly strong retouching skills constantly no matter how big or small the project.”

– Peter Taras
Art Director, Surfing Magazine

“Their skills were the difference between putting out mediocre print and digital offerings, and stellar publications that we could all be incredibly proud of. Their attention to detail, creative eye, and rapid turn around were all lifesavers during busy deadlines and her advice on photo options was priceless. I can’t recommend their skills highly enough!”

– Mike Lewis
Digital Marketing Manager, Zeal Optics

“Celeste (Retouchery staff) was my go-to color specialist… she always handled deadlines with ease, and was a pleasure to work with. Her skills were impeccable. If I sent her a task which seemed insurmountable, she always rose to the occasion and succeeded. If I sent her images which I thought were already perfect, she improved them in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I would highly recommend Celeste and hope to work with her again in the future.”

– Eleanor Williamson
Catalog Production Manager, Spyder Active Sports

“The Retouchery is now my go-to photo retouching company. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

– Brittany Christian

“Celeste (Retouchery staff) was an incredibly capable Imaging Specialist with a great attitude. She was always friendly, helpful and consistently positive when I worked with her, and her work was always beautiful.”

– Emmy Williford
Content Production Designer, Shutterfly

“I would recommend Celeste (Retouchery staff) for photo-retouching, digital manipulation, color correction or any other imaging need. She is fast, thorough, detail focused and a pleasure to work with. Celeste is a Photoshop wizard and great team player.”

– Eric Cheek
Art Director, Wasserman Media